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Enjoy the summer and keep mosquitoes under control day and night. Our mosquito killer lamp is child friendly, pet friendly and chemical free

✓ Easy To Use, Easy To Clean

✓ Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use

✓ Whisper Quiet Operation 

✓ Chemical Free

❌ No More Buzzing

❌ No More Bites

✓ Easy To UseWorks right out of the box - just plug in using the USB power cord and let the lamp do its job. The LED light lures in the mosquitoes, they're quietly sucked into the storage box where they're terminated using a chemical-free dehydration method.

✓ Powerful & EffectiveWith a range of up to 200 sq ft, it's ideal for your bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, office etc. You can even use it outdoors in your yard, balcony or porch areas

✓ Whisper Quiet Operation: You won't hear a thing which makes this perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries and other areas of the house where silence is essential.

✓ Easy To CleanNo messy clean up... just twist off the storage box and empty the dead mosquitoes into the trash. There's enough storage to last you 2-4 weeks or more

 Environmentally Friendly & Chemical Free: No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. This mosquito killer is non-toxic and harmless to adults, children and pets. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Works great!"

I hate mosquitoes! The bites. The buzzing. Scratches. Swelling.

They ruin my summers every year...

When I think of fun summer activities like camping, enjoying family meals on the terrace, BBQ with friends, I get anxiety and itchiness just thinking about those mosquitoes. I'm like a magnet for those animals. Every summer I would be covered with dozens of red welts and have terrible swelling. Not to mention the itch!


I tried everything. DEET sprays, lotions, those anti-bug candles,...

NOTHING proved to be 100% effective.

Those special bug repellent candles and sprays smell awful. Some even contain toxic chemicals. These are so unhealthy that some have been BANNED in many countries. Mosquitoes are also evolving and becoming RESILIENT to the poisons and repellents. The worst part? The sprays didn't even work when my granddaughter used them! I feel so sorry for the poor child.


BuzzBGone Zap - Prevent Mosquito Bites
That mosquito spray with DEET was of no use at all.

I thought I would never be able to get rid of the sleepless summer nights and painful itchiness. But then I was sent this new bug zapper to test and review.

This new bug zapper is selling like crazy and the demand surprised everyone. The device is very portable, ultra safe and kills annoying insects fast.

✅ Very Portable

The device is small enough to carry with you while camping or in your luggage when you are taking a flight. If you want to use it while camping, a simple USB power bank is all you need to enjoy a full night of usage.

✅ No Chemicals

It does not use any chemicals like DEET. This means less exposure to toxicity, no greasy feel and no smells. Perfect for people sensitive to skin allergy or pregnant ladies.

✅ Easy To Clean

Cleaning is fast and easy.

✅ Also kills other annoying insects

Flies can be really annoying inside the house. Buzz B-Gone will quickly trap them so they can't bug you anymore.


100% brand new and high quality.

Super safe: no radiation, no noise, no toxicity or no chemicals. Safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly, pets.

Effective mosquito control: 1 UV bulb emits NM wavelength. This wavelength is lethal to mosquitoes. Flies and insects are attracted by the light source, and strong cyclones can kill and kill mosquitoes.

USB power supply anytime, anywhere. It is very portable and very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to clean-The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the device can collect dead insects, and the tray can be removed to clean and remove the insects. Make maintenance quick and easy.

The decibel of this item is small. It will not change the child's rest and sleep.

Please note:

1. After 5 o'clock in the evening, the mosquitoes started to move. Please remember to turn on the mosquito killer in advance. Put the mosquito killer in a dark place.

2. After catching the mosquito, do not turn it off immediately, and let the fan continue to run until the mosquito is dehydrated and dried.

3. The product must be opened for a period of time to take effect.

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